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3 Productivity Lessons from Fourth Grade Math

When my oldest, Elizabeth, was in the fourth grade, she asked for help with her math homework. Jim was at work, so in comes the B-team. I’m abysmal at math, so I felt proud to be able to help with material as advanced as fourth-grade math. A couple of days later Elizabeth brought the worksheet home. I’ve […]

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Learn About Keyboard Shortcuts

Today’s video is about keyboard shortcuts. I’ve used them for years, and they make my work faster, and save my wrists, as I’m prone to carpal tunnel issues. The video covers very basic universal shortcuts, a few that vary between applications, and a couple for Gmail and Facebook users. As always, I welcome feedback and […]

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Learn About WordPress Menus

I’ve started a new video series — I’ll try to do one each week, and they will be very short and simple demonstrations on basic technology skills. I expect to do quite a few on WordPress, as I use it every day, but I’ll also include technology for productivity, social media, writing and style tips, […]

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Computers and Technology

Want to Better Understand Technology?

Do you want to better understand technology? Would it help in your business, nonprofit, or church? I talk to a lot of people about technology, social media, and how to use computers and software to be more productive. In the course of my work and social life, I meet a lot of people who wish […]

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